Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal

Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal


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I purchased this pedal (in 2003) to use as an uncolored lead booster for a few upcoming guitar gigs. I was playing through my friend's Marshall which had a nice distortion tone already, and I wanted something "unobtrusive" for accentuating the lead parts. It hasn't received much use since then.

This (or any other) guitar EQ is sort of the forgotten, unsung hero of effects pedals. The GE-7 allows a lot of tone-shaping flexibility, and it doubles as a tone problem solver in the signal chain. You can radically alter your fundamental tone without introducing any distortion or other artifacts. If you are looking at this auction, you probably already know what this pedal can do -- so please pardon the next section...but just in case...

A few possible uses of the GE-7:

This pedal is quiet and definitely is not a "tone sucker". With all sliders in the 0 db positions, the guitar signal (tone, level, etc.) remains almost unchanged between switching the pedal on and off.

Standard Boss construction and sound quality. Built to take abuse. Cosmetically excellent, no issues, works great!

Check out the "Links" section below for more information about the GE-7.

Please review the photos below carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

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Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal
Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer Effect Pedal      

Pedal ships with a new 9V battery.

Why am I selling? Well, mostly financial and time considerations. I don't have much time to play guitar anymore. When I do play out, it is only on bass and even that doesn't happen very often. As they say, I am "thinning the herd" and minimizing the gear I have on-hand to the bare essentials. This is probably one of those pedals that "no guitarist should be without". If I played guitar on a regular basis, I would definitely keep it.

Anyway, my loss is your gain. At $1 starting and NO RESERVE, you can't go wrong! Current new retail price is around $99.

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, please drop me a line. Also, please read the Terms, Shipping, Contact, Feedback section below before you bid. Some of it sounds serious, but it's just the usual stuff including some specific info relevant to this auction.


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